July 13, 2022

Dear Emmanuel Family,

Summer is definitely here! I hope that you are staying cool….

Many of our people are catching up on long postponed vacations and quick “get aways”, I know you have waited a very long time to “get on the road” – I hope you are having a fantastic time and enjoying some rest and relaxation! We miss you when you are gone!

Our Bishop and other delegates from our Diocese just returned from the Triannual General Convention held in Baltimore this year (it was supposed to happen in 2021…but was postponed due to COVID concerns). I will try to bring you a snippet of some of the activities on Sundays… but if you want to review all of the details you can find daily updates from the convention at https://www.episcopalchurch.org/public-affairs/

Locally, our own Diocese is preparing to elect our next Bishop. The committee in charge of this process wants to hear from as many of you as possible about what you would like to see in the person that will be elected. Please follow the link below and fill out a quick survey. They are asking for our input - - let’s give it!!!! The election will be held at convention in February of 2023. Bios on the candidates will be available for us to look at sometime this fall.

Bishop Election (dwtx.org)

We have completed the installation of the security camera system and have planted the new tree. These were big projects! Your Jr.  Warden is looking into smoke detectors to finish up the recommendations from our church insurance review.

The second quarter donation information letters will go out before the end of the month. As you can imagine, loosing Laurie left us with some gaps in our processes. Dawn is working very hard to catch up on all of the stuff Laurie did for 21 years! We will get there…. When you get your statement PLEASE look at it carefully and let us know if your see anything that does not look right, we want to fix anything that may have “gotten away from us” during the transition.

We are still hoping to start the free community meal in September… but before then…. There are some folks that need to be fed! Our participation in Meals on Wheels is our commitment to delivering the meals for 2 weeks in July. Our weeks start on Monday the 18th. We need volunteers to deliver meals Monday – Friday on those 2 weeks. If you can help. Please call Lynne Lewis or Barbara Mars.

Your Vestry has some exciting things planned for the Fall – stay tuned for more information!!!

See you at church!


Mother Karen
The Rev. Karen Morris
Rector, Emmanuel Episcopal Church


118 N. Church St.
Lockhart, Tx 79644