Barbara Mars
Serving as Senior Warden

Barbara was invited to our church by a friend and fellow Vestry Member, Lynne Lewis, way back in 1987.  Barbara is  active in the church, serving on the Altar Guild, as Lay Eucharistic Minister, Sunday School teacher and, for the second time, on the Vestry. A retired school teacher, Barbara worked with dyslexic students and provided a loving home to emotionally disturbed children. In retirement, Barbara enjoys reading, gardening and connecting with a pod of women. She and her husband and fur baby retreat to the country from time to time for fishing and fun.

Dondi Atwell
Serving as Junior Warden

Dondi was invited to Emmanuel by friend, Paige Hanks.  Dondi is an inspection manager for an engineering company that works for cities, municipalities and builders. Outside of work he enjoys fishing, motorcycles, making and building stuff, the last part makes him perfect as Emmanuel’s Junior Warden. Dondi particularly likes bible study at Emmanuel because he remembers some of the teachings from his childhood, but now as an adult, he understands it better and it means more to him. Dondi has two adult children.

Lucy Knight
Serving as Treasurer

Lucy moved to Lockhart as a young bride in 1973 and in 1976 decided she needed “to get back to church.”  From the first time she walked into Emmanuel, she knew that she was home.  Lucy has served as a Vestry member, Senior Warden under two Rectors, chair of the Search committee, Treasurer;  Altar Guild chair, and perennial delegate or alternate to Diocesan Council.  Lucy’s is the Branch Manager for Independence Title in Lockhart.  “Emmanuel Episcopal is a vibrant beacon welcoming many diverse and interesting souls.”

Paige Hanks
Vestry Member

Paige and her two children have attended Emmauel for over 25 years. It started when the Hanks rented the building next to the church from the church. Father Tom came by one day and asked if her kids would want to do some activities at the church. Once the kids started to attend, Paige of course joined them.  She didn’t know much about the bible or biblical history, so over the years she has really enjoyed bible study and christian education, as much for the knowledge as for the communion with smart and funny people. “I learn every time I go to church; it’s the best part of my week.”   Paige travels for her work as a registered nurse investigating issues for Medicare. 

Kevin Mooney
Vestry Member

Kevin is inseparable from his family: his husband, Jaston, and their son, Song. The family was invited to church by Pat Allred in 2009. Kevin is a musicologist, guitarist, and Senior Lecturer at Texas State University. We are so fortunate to have him as a part of our Music Ministry that plays during Service. Kevin has served two terms on the Vestry. “From our first church service, our family was welcomed. Quickly, our family became active and proud members of Emmanuel's church family. We love the diversity that makes up Emmanuel's members and the Spiritual guidance we've received from Father Tom and now Mother Karen. Moving forward, we would like to see Emmanuel continue to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Melodie Ramirez
Vestry Member

Melody and her two children, Izzy and Mariah, started attending Emmanuel in 2016. They attended off and on for a while; and then, when Melodie’s mother died, life became hard, so she (and her family) got more involved. The people at Emmanuel were warming and opened their arms.  Her aunt and uncle and a bunch of cousins, nieces and nephews also attend Emmanuel.  Outside of church, Melodie is engaged in her children’s life, in PTO and Girl Scouts (think cookies!) etc. She also assists an elderly friend and volunteers with the Victim Assistance Team in Lockhart.  

Marcia Proctor
Vestry Member

Marcia Proctor and her husband, Arnold returned to Lockhart in 2018 and joined Emmanuel post Covid.  The couple are proud parents to 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons. Before retirement, Marcia taught math, computer science, and data processing before becoming a technology director and then a grants administrator in school districts. Marcia and Arnie love our small historic, 170 year old church and the welcoming community.  They appreciate being asked to participate in the various ministries including Vestry.

Karen Jergensen
Vestry Member

Karen was raised an Episcopalian and became a member of our church when she moved to Lockhart in 2018. From the first service she attended, she found the church members so friendly and welcoming. She attends with her daughter, Kelly, son-in-law Derek, granddaughter Millie and grandson Derek. Karen loves how open and accepting people are of children in church. “People are so open. You can talk to anyone at breakfast.”

Karen teaches Godly Play for 3–7-year-olds (from 9:30 – 10:20 a.m. on Sundays). She involves her grandchildren in Meals on Wheels when the church runs the program during the year. Karen was a first-grade teacher for 34 years and currently teaches ESL on line to people all over the world.

Lynne Lewis
Vestry Member

Lynne Lewis found our church the same week in January of 1987 that she and her husband moved to Lockhart, intrigued by the historical marker. (Our church is over 150 years old.) After the first service, Lynne was invited for coffee in the parish hall and the greeters made her feel like home. She called her friend, Barbara Mars, and told her “I’ve found us a church!”

Currently, Lynne is the coordinator and instructor for adult bible study on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. (all are welcome). She is also a member of the Alter Guild, the Lunch Ladies as well as Vestry. She is a retired social worker and volunteers weekly to tutor second graders in reading.

Rebecca Ballard
Vestry Member

Rebecca Ballard came to Emmanuel shortly after moving to Lockhart five years ago. She stayed with Emmanuel because of the beauty and spirituality of the church family. Rebecca lives with and cares for her elderly mother and finds joy in frequent visits with her grandsons.